Desktop Publishing (DTP)

In the age of the digital revolution, online presence plays a more and more significant role every day; however, printed materials have not lost their importance. A well-designed leaflet, catalogue, or brochure that matches your brand identity can be an effective messaging tool and effectively support your online sales strategy. Desktop publishing is a complex task and the perfect end result requires the cooperation of real experts. We can help you even with magazine and newspaper editing, as well as the preparation of conference materials. One of our most distinguished references is the Praktiker catalogue.

kiadványszerkesztés (DTP)

As experienced creatives, we always think in innovative solutions that follow the latest trends. Following a friendly conversation, we develop a draft, after which we develop the text and graphical content of the publication. Nothing is impossible for us—we proofread and format the material and make it “printer-compatible”. We present our ideas on lifelike visualisations and whichever you approve, we will make it a reality.

Advertising booklets

Advertising booklets are a collection of advertisements. If presented in an exciting form, people will pick it up, browse it, and read the information presented within. These days, advertising saturation is so high that it is a real challenge to grad people’s attention. We will help you make sure that your printed materials rise above the masses. We work with special techniques and always select the one that will provide the largest impact.

Advertising brochures

Company brochures are important messaging tools. If people read these short booklets, they will know your company, your activities, and the values you represent better. Come for the visuals, stay for the content—this will be our mantra while creating your brochure. We also pay attention to ensure that it conveys enough personality, which is an effective way to build a brand community.

prospektus tervezés (DTP)

Indoor and outdoor advertisements

With indoor and outdoor advertisements, you can have a great impact on your target audience. Sometimes a single glance at your poster or other creative material is enough to get your message to stick and encourage them to act. In line with the latest trends, we arouse people’s interest with visually impressive, entertaining, and educational content. Our services include the design of advertising boards and labels.

Product Packaging

Good packaging plays an enormous role in selling a product—it arouses interest, evokes trust, and identifies the brand. However, store shelves are lined with the products of your competitors, which strive to achieve the same goals. If you trust us with this task, we will create unique packaging for you that matches your brand identity, leave a positive impression on shoppers, and highlight your products on the shelves.


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