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Google AdSense

11 Google AdSense tips and tricks to optimise earnings

Here are some Google AdSense tips that will help you optimise your website to increase revenue and improve user experience. 11 AdSense tips and tricks in order to maximise earnings A/B test your ad units Use multiple ad units to maximise conversion Restrict the number of ads above the fold Optimise the colour effects of […]

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The unique target audience of Facebook

The unique audience of Facebook can be divided into the following 5 categories: Client list: pairs the client list of the business with the Facebook accounts of clients Website traffic: targeting the people who visited your website or performed some kind of activity Application activity: allows you to create a list of people who launched […]

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Google Adwords Express

Google AdWords Express is now part of Google Ads

From now on, AdWords Express campaigns will be available on Google Ads as ‘smart campaigns’. AdWords Express used to be a standalone solution that was designed to provide lower maintenance costs to small businesses. Smart campaigns will continue to have the same benefits as AdWords Express campaigns but with added functionality. Google highlighted the following […]

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7 tips for making the most of Google AdWords Express

The purpose of AdWords Express (AWE), which was originally launched in 2011, is to provide access to small enterprises to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements. In spite of this, AWE continues to be a distinct version of AdWords. In theory, AdWords Express provides an appropriate and state-of-the-art platform for the owners of small enterprises short […]

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The operation of the WooCommerce webshop with the help of WordPress

WooCommerce, the open-source e-commerce module of WordPress makes it possible for website owners to integrate a fully-operational webshop into their existing WordPress website with only a few steps and free of charge. Of course, there are many paid options available too if you have special requirements, which can improve the quality of our website even […]

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Facebook hirdetés

Strength in Facebook advertising

This platform has to most customisable interface, it analyses adverts, and creates a report on how well each of them performed. Based on this, you can change or modify your adverts in order to reach the most potential customers. Let us list a few advantages why Facebook advertisements overshadow their competition: 1. Segmentation Every age […]

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What you should know about social media advertisements

Social media marketing is an ever-changing world that is also the most advanced advertising platform today; therefore, it is not worth staying away from it, rather we should keep an eye on the current trends.
The marketing activity of Facebook is widely known since even those who are present on the platform as users come across advertisements every day.

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