The unique target audience of Facebook

The unique audience of Facebook can be divided into the following 5 categories: Client list: pairs the client list of the business with the Facebook accounts of clients Website traffic: targeting the people who visited your website or performed some kind of activity Application activity: allows you to create a list of people who launched […]

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Facebook hirdetés

Strength in Facebook advertising

This platform has to most customisable interface, it analyses adverts, and creates a report on how well each of them performed. Based on this, you can change or modify your adverts in order to reach the most potential customers. Let us list a few advantages why Facebook advertisements overshadow their competition: 1. Segmentation Every age […]

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What you should know about social media advertisements

Social media marketing is an ever-changing world that is also the most advanced advertising platform today; therefore, it is not worth staying away from it, rather we should keep an eye on the current trends.
The marketing activity of Facebook is widely known since even those who are present on the platform as users come across advertisements every day.

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