Content Creation

Do you want to convey a message, but you don’t know how to put it? Do you know what your goals are, but you don’t know your target audience and what would really capture them? We take over the entire process of content production! After determining the communication channels you should use, we will write such texts for your image and video contents, website, landing pages and advertising materials, as well as blog articles and PR articles, which not only capture the attention of readers, but are also suitable for achieving the set goals from a search engine optimization point of view.

Social media marketing

It’s no coincidence that social media marketing is hugely popular. Today, almost everyone must have a social media platform and regular posting activity in this regard, which is why this is one of the most important areas among our services. After a thorough target audience and competitor analysis, we help you determine whether using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or LinkedIn, or a combination of these, is the most appropriate for you.

Are you ready? We will soon move from 2D internet platforms to 3D worlds, and the transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0 will not only affect the modus operandi of big brands, but also customers’ everyday life, work habits and entertainment options. Get to know the world of Facebook Metaverse with us and align yourself in the network of new virtual environments so that you can be present and compete in the market, as Nike, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga have already done!

What you can count on us in:

  • marketing analysis: we discuss your current market situation, the marketing tools you use and their results
  • competitor analysis
  • defining goals and target audience
  • selection of social media platforms
  • definition of communication style
  • creating regular posting
  • creating appropriate visual elements (e.g., logos for images and videos)
  • connecting social media platforms with other online platforms
  • social media ads, boosts
  • regular statistics, reports


Copywriting, content marketing

In order to make content creation a productive, result oriented activity, not only a long time-consuming one, you need search engine-optimized and fit for each platform marketing texts in your communication channels, which make users’ hearts skip a beat when they read them, and which are also ranked higher by Google’s search engine. Website and landing page texts, advertising texts, slogans, blog articles and PR articles? Leave it to us!

The professional marketing text:

• provides valuable and understandable content to the reader,
• communicates in the language of the audience,
• is structured according to search engine optimization (SEO) aspects,
• builds your professional reputation,
• and differentiates you from the competition!


Creation of creative materials

Attention-grabbing images and video contents, even with background music or filters, other effects? We hang out on TikTok and Instagram every day, we keep up with the current trends and you can’t even send a meme that we haven’t seen before. Recordings alternating to the rhythm in the form of Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok videos with short, sharp, to-the-point texts, in just a few seconds! In addition, in the world of ever-shorter phone videos, Boomerangs and filtered images, let’s not forget creatives that often illustrate a process or product better than a picture or video. Infographics, flowcharts, tables, and graphs can often deliver the key ideas we want to convey in a shorter time and in a more understandable way. Would you like to describe the essence of your product, but you are sick of long explanations? Don’t worry, we are too! That is why we also like to use these tools during online presentation, so that we can provide information as briefly and concisely as possible.



Photoshoots, filming

Stock photos are good, but using your own materials always generates more interest and builds the client’s trust. Whether you need photos to display the product range of your webshop, or you would like to strengthen your marketing communication with image photos, we organize and manage the entire process. Campaign photography, portrait, business, or catalog photography? We focus on the essence of it! And if you don’t stop at the picturesque, perfectly filtered and cut-to-size images, we are also happy to get involved in the production of advertising films, PR, image, and educational videos! Social media in particular, but also other online media platforms, are increasingly oriented towards short, to-the-point video contents, that is why we always have time to create “behind the scenes” contents and TikTok videos. Don’t worry, we’ll keep up for you!



Influencer marketing

Starting with contacting influencers selected based on your target audience, conducting photo shoots and filmings, and evaluating the results of the advertisements created from them, we help with everything. Sponsored posts are so hot right now! We conduct research on individual platforms to determine which influencer or opinion leader would be worth establishing occasional or regular cooperation with, we contact them, request statistical data on their performance and decide together with you who we will sign a contract with. A well-chosen ambassador or group of ambassadors is able to convey the information we want to communicate specifically to the target group for which we intend it, thus working together with them greatly contributes to the introduction of the product or service and reaching the target audience and others.



PR, press release

As we live in the era of online opportunities, there are thousands of ways for a business to reach its customers through online tools. A well-structured PR campaign and various press appearances are also a major market advantage in the digital world, as these appearances increase the company’s prestige and brand awareness, which result in long-term income. The best way to get your company to be seen as an expert on the subject is if customers, buyers, and partners can read about you in well-known and serious media, online magazines and on their social media platforms. Appearing in the press already represents a higher level compared to appearing in various live videos or blogs, because while the latter can be successful for many, the former is only for the best. Entrust us with contacting each platform and working out the details of cooperation!



Blog post, e-mail copy writing

A regular blog shared on your website is a great tool for search engine optimization. The more relevant text you share about the topic on your page, the better landing page it will be for the topic. This means that if the user enters a keyword or phrase related to the topic in the search engine, your page will be ranked higher than other pages that share content on the topic. What do you need to write blog articles like this? A creative copywriter, who maps out who the blogger’s target audience is and what can generate great interest in the topic. Once you have this, you will regularly publish textual content with the right keywords and phrases that is not only good for SEO, but also entertaining and builds trust in your brand. And when that is done, we’ll create a strikingly worded newsletter about updated content, seasonal offers, and useful information, thereby encouraging former and potential customers to purchase and be active.





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