Graphic Design

Do you also have a slogan, advertising character or melody that immediately brings the particular brand to mind? It can be any important message or exciting story of your brand: if the visual elements do not reflect this, your audience will not be aware of it. That’s why it is very important to create a corporate identity that properly conveys the message, style, and essence of the brand. With our help, you can use unique image, sales promotion, and other graphic elements to promote your brand, which appeal to your target audience and potential customers, and help you stand out from your competitors.

Design of graphic elements

The initial approach always depends on the current state of the brand. First, we analyze your brand, taking into account the market conditions, competitors and target group. Creating a brand’s visual identity may have been fine in the beginning, but after a longer period it has lost its luster and it’s time to give it new energy. It may happen that the brand does not stand out from the crowd, it is not visually attractive enough, so it is worth redefining the graphic elements. Based on a well-chosen logo or color combination, a brand name dreamed up with a new typeface and a corporate identity designed according to professional aspects, your audience is much more likely to choose your product / service.


Corporate identity, logo design

The perception of a business depends not only on direct advertising, but also on whether its corporate identity reflects what it communicates in other areas. Colors have meaning, fonts carry a message, so it is important to choose them properly to match the given segment and our identity. The design of the identity is always preceded by a situation analysis. The mapping of the competitors and the market is essential for the design, in addition, we examine the company’s values and message, i.e. the factors that actively influence the corporate identity.


Image design

Designing a unified image is essential for effective online and offline communication. By using consistent image elements, consumers remember the company and its product when they see a logo. Or when receiving a letter, the recipient can immediately identify the sender, i.e. the company, without reading any text. Image elements can greatly facilitate communication, but they also play a role in the positive perception of the company. When creating these, we take into account the form and channel in which consumers and partners meet the company, and we also keep in mind the message of the company and the brand.

What is included?

  • Logo
  • Business card
  • Envelope
  • Seal
  • Email signature



Sales promotion tools

As their name reflects, sales promotion tools can help you make a purchase decision. But only if they match the following: attention-grabbing, informative and visually appealing. Whether it’s a wobbler, roll-up, floor sticker or other store equipment, design is a primary consideration.

What can you use it for?

  • To convey product information
  • To communicate offers
  • To provide information



Webdesign, web development

Nowadays, a website is a virtual business card, which, in addition to providing information, also serves as a measure of credibility. That is why it is important that your website addresses your visitors by following current trends. Our unique, user-friendly, up-to-date, and responsive web design service helps you to make your website a visual projection of your corporate philosophy, both on desktop computers and mobile phones. You can tick off the technical SEO part of your search engine optimization strategy because you can be sure: your website is excellent from the point of view of both search engines and users.

What is included?

  • design and development of the entire website image
  • design of graphic elements
  • design of colors and fonts
  • website and landing page creation and editing




With the help of newsletters, you can share information with your target group, send them offers, and even persuade them to buy. For this, in addition to well-formulated text, you need convincing graphic elements and an authentic newsletter design. As with other online and offline communication, when creating the newsletter, you must also pay attention to uniform fonts, colors and design that reflect your brand’s identity. When creating the newsletters, we always take into account the conversion goals, the design elements that fit your image, and the user-friendly appearance. Our social media team is happy to help you with the copy and the timing of the newsletter.

What is included?

  • newsletter design that matches your image (breaking, creating graphic elements)
  • unique visual content matching the newsletter’s theme (making pictures, videos)



Desktop publishing

The purpose of all business communication tool is to convey the excellence of the product or service. Printed publications are no exception to this! In the case of business cards, product packagings, billboards, posters, brochures, newspapers, magazines, labels, conference materials (name badges, table cards, invitations, roll-ups) – just like online platforms – almost everything depends on the first impression: if the material taken by the interested party is not attention-grabbing, clear and stylish enough, then the interest is gone within seconds.

DTP is the three-letter form of English desktop publishing. It denotes the activity when a ready-to-print, professional publication is created using digital tools from the available texts and visual elements (photos, graphics). The difference between a quickly thrown together and printed Word document and our favorite print magazine is the careful work of an experienced DTP professional. In order for printed materials that can be taken seriously and meet the expectations of business life to represent your company, flawlessly folded texts, impeccable typography, aesthetic color combinations and perfectly placed images are needed – and a DTP specialist can provide all this in one person.




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