Brand image design (branding)

In design, we always aim for recognition: our goal is to get noticed, to get known. Therefore, it is crucial that visuals have to grab the attention of your prospects. Your brand has to have a style: colours, shapes and fonts must align in harmony in order to powerfully carry the message. One of the most important elements of your brand identity is your logo: it has the power to identify your company at a glance – it is the core of brand image design.


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The first impression

No need to be an expert in the psychology of marketing to see that the only way to get results is to grab your clients’ attention. However, it is important to know that a plain fact of human psychology is that consumers basically decide on a purchase in the blink of an eye, regardless of importance. It literally takes seconds for your prospective customers to form an opinion about you: based on the first impression.

The first thing partners see is your brand image, via your website, social media platforms, newsletters, online ads or print flyers.  Just like when meeting in person, making a good impression should be a priority online as well. A likeable, well-communicating, consciously built brand identity represents the right message and makes a huge impression on your audience – even without them realizing.

What makes a good logo? – 3 points (brand identity)

A logo is a unique mark that represents a corporation, a brand or a foundation. It immediately identifies the product or service while addressing the audience. It can be a text, a graphic or the combination of these two: if it is original and expressive, it will be an important supporter of your mission.

Logo is everywhere: in your emails, on the website, on the products, on roll-ups, even on the door of your office. A logo is basically the face or fingerprint of a brand. To really make it work, it has to be simple, timeless and versatile.


A good logo makes people immediately recognize the brand and associate with its message and philosophy. A simple graphic symbol makes any logo easily recognizable and memorable, especially when combined with the brand’s name. It is important to use a unique font, graphic elements or colours that make you stand out from your competitors. Whatever solutions you choose, do not just stick with the things that you personally like!  You have to take into consideration a few more important factors, including the meaning behind certain font-colours combinations and the effect they might have. Red represents energy, blue makes you reliable, green feels calm. Straight lines like rectangles and triangles resemble strength and stability, while circles and oval lines symbolize wholeness and unity.


The brand identity of the most reliable and most successful brands does not change with the weather, nor with trends. Just think about leading brands like Apple, Nike or any car brand! A good logo has to be timeless, so it can carry the same message 5, 10 or 20 years later. This is why it is important when designing your logo to carefully craft the message and the mission you want it to represent.


As your logo appears practically everywhere, it is important to make an equally powerful impression on websites, packaging, merch, business cards, posters, etc. To ensure that, the logo has to be designed in a vector form, so it can be re-sized without any damage in quality, making it recognizable in all environments.

Logo design (brand identity)

In today’s online world, there are countless logo design apps that let you try to craft your own brand identity. When browsing the web, you can bump into several free or fairly priced tools that offer a few different logo options after asking for some info on the brand’s character and your personal taste. These can be really helpful at the beginning of the design process as they are sources of great ideas. However, it is important to keep in mind that they are no more than templates and smart solutions simply do not replace originality. If you want a unique brand identity that is specifically tailored to your target audience while representing your message, do not hesitate to turn to a professional creative agency!