Graphic design

No matter how important and exciting your brand message is – if your visual content does not support it, it will likely miss your customers’ attention.

Colours, shapes, static and motion pictures are all visual elements that universally represent you and your message. An original design tailored to your brand helps you truly stand out from the competition: it will be much easier for your audience to recognize and love your brand.

We help you build a visual toolkit that provides a consistent brand image that supports sales promotion, raises brand awareness and grabs your audience’s attention.

For more details about our graphic design services, please read on!

Visual analysis and professional advice

“I want a logo exactly like this!” and “I want the same graphic elements”: we hear these from our clients many times. There is nothing wrong with it – setting a visual direction is actually useful but we should never lose sight of our priority: originality that lets you stand out from the crowd. We recommend our visual analysis service at all times to evaluate the current practices of your communication and to identify the characteristics that make your brand special.

What does the service include?

Our approach mainly depends on the current state and practices of your brand.

Throughout the analysis, we observe

  • the market situation,
  • your competitors,
  • your audience.

We might find that your brand’s visual identity was attractive and original in the beginning but its sparkle faded throughout the years – in this case, it is time to fuel it with some fresh energy.

If your brand does not stand out from the crowd or it is not attractive enough, it might be worth considering to redefine the graphical elements.

Why do we recommend it?

Our visual analysis helps you clarify the message you want your brand to represent and find ways to help you stand out from your competitors. With the advice we give, we aim to help you define your corporate identity, your brand image, your sales promotions tools, your social media and direct mail communication.

Corporate identity

It might seem like an old-fashioned concept but corporate identity still plays an important role in the world of business. Technological background, corporate social responsibility and direct ads are not the only factors that shape your company’s reputation: your corporate identity also has to resonate with the message you communicate through these channels. Colours have meaning, font types carry a message – so it is important to have a visual collection that fits both your segment and your identity.

Consistent choice of colours, font types and patterns is essential to create a coherent corporate identity. Without it, you can easily give the impression of a disorganized, amateur business – which is definitely not what you want!

What does the service include?

Before designing your corporate identity, we deliver an analysis first – to pick the right colours and fonts, it is necessary to observe the activity of your competitors and your position in the market. Besides these, we also analyse your company’s values and message – key factors that impact corporate identity as well.

What can you use it for?

Corporate identity provides a guideline for creating your online and offline communication style.

Corporate image

Corporate image and corporate identity are closely related. All the font types and colours should be similar in these two cases. Corporate image is technically an extended corporate identity.

A coherent corporate image is essential for effective communication. When done right, seeing a logo immediately makes the consumer think of a brand and product. Corporate image makes communication easy, while also building a positive reputation for your company.

When designing corporate image, we always consider the most common channels where consumers and partners are likely to interact with the brand – also taking the corporate’s core message into account as well.

What does the service include?

  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Envelope design
  • Stamp design
  • Email signature design

What can you use it for?

Corporate image is a strong base for communicating with your customers or partners, online and offline as well.

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Sales promotion tools

Sales promotions tools are true to their name: they help customers make the decision to buy your product. However, for a sales promotion tool to do that, it needs to be: eye-catching, informative and visually attractive.

Be it a wobbler, a roll-up or a floor sticker, design always comes first. Being eye-catching, informative and visually attractive is just the first step: they also have to visually relate to your brand and product. The guidelines described during the analysis of your corporate identity also apply for designing sales promotion tools.

What does the service include?

  • Discussing the main goals you aim to reach with your sales promotion tool
  • Based on your goals, selecting your ideal type of sales promotion tool
  • Designing colours, shapes, font types and other graphical elements
  • Designing for different sizes

What can you use it for?

  • Delivering information about your product or service
  • Communicating offers
  • Making notes and reports

Social media basics

Nowadays it is almost compulsory to be present on social media for every business. Implementing the right strategies on your social media channels, you can easily reach your audience and communicate with them. All you need is some catchy texts – and, of course, high quality, relevant and unique graphical elements.

The shape and form of these graphical elements highly depend on your brand’s individual characteristics, your chosen social media platform(s), your message and the demands of your audience. There is a different road to success on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest or TikTok.

Collaborating with our graphic design group, Herz Kreáció’s social media specialists help you find your ideal platform, considering all factors mentioned above. Whichever platform proves to be right for you, we will make sure you reach your potential customers or clients with visual content tailored to your brand.

What does the service include?

  • Cover picture design
  • Profile picture design
  • Designing post material (pictures, gifs, videos)

What can you use it for?

  • To increase the efficiency of your social media activity
  • To reach your potential customers or clients
  • To visually represent your message
  • To design a coherent social media presence

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Your newsletters not only inform and educate your audience but also increase their activity. If you have a contact list of your customers or clients, sending them newsletters weekly or monthly – depending on your goals – is always recommended.

Newsletters are also one of the most effective methods for sales promotion. To help boost your business, a newsletter needs something else beyond the perfect wording: convincing graphical elements and authentic design.

Just like all other forms of online and offline communications, it is important to pay attention to the coherency of design, while representing your brand’s identity with colours and font types. When designing newsletters, we always consider conversion goals and consumer friendly design that align with your brand.

What does the service include?

  • newsletter design that perfectly matches your corporate brand (including formatting and graphical elements)
  • unique visual content, designed for the topic of each letter (pictures, videos)

With the wording and scheduling of your newsletters, our Social Media team is happy to help you.

What can you use it for?

  • sharing news and information
  • promoting sales and offers
  • raising brand awareness