Layout design (DTP)

What is DTP and why is it important?

DTP is an abbreviation of desktop publishing. Desktop publishing is the design process where graphic design professionals create a perfect layout for print materials from the available texts and visual elements.
The difference between your favourite print magazine and the printed version of a Word document you just put together hastily a few minutes ago can be easily noticed. That difference is the careful work of a professional DTP editor. In order to be taken seriously, companies have to provide print materials with flawless formatting, impeccable typography, aesthetic colour combinations and perfect picture placement: and a DTP professional takes it all in one hand.

When is it recommended to hire a DTP service?

In only two cases: if your company is present online or if it is not.

Nowadays the first case is much more common: more and more companies recognize the importance of a clean and coherent visual identity in online activities. If you already have a well-designed corporate identity, DTP will be your telescope: it will let you show the strength of your digital presence offline as well.

The second case usually occurs when a company belongs to the minority of businesses for whom offline-focused marketing is the most effective. If that applies to you, even more depends on print materials: you have to consider all brochures, leaflets, posters and magazines as the ambassadors of your business.

What kind of DTP services do we offer?

Leaflets, product showcase layouts

An eye-catching, creatively built layout helps all your products to get the attention they deserve. No matter if you are just about to introduce your product for the very first time or you are preparing a sale campaign, DTP will prove as a highly beneficial tool.

Advertising brochures: design and print

Brochure is one of the most difficult parts of print design: in most cases, at stake is the 2 seconds it takes for a consumer to decide if it is something of interest for them, or it belongs to the trash. Instead of the latter, the goal would be to keep the reader’s attention for at least 3 minutes. Herz Kreáció’s DTP team is experienced in creating a brochure that truly acts as your brand ambassador.

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Indoor and outdoor posters: design and print

Despite online marketing getting more and more popular, posters still have undoubted value. Their success equally depends on the right placement and the perfect design: for the latter, you can count on the DTP team of Herz Kreáció.

Product package design

In our personal relationships, what is inside might be all that matter – but a product has to win a customer’s heart with its look first. Our team provides package design that fits your product and aligns with your brand.

Magazines, newspapers

Well-written articles and news are just one element of a successful paper or magazine. It takes a professional DTP team to really provide a good experience.


They tell everything about your product – so they have to do it well. If you delegate this task to our DTP professionals, you can make sure that your product information will be in a clean, appealing visual environment.

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Conference materials (nametags, place cards, invitations, roll-ups)

On a conference or expo, your speakers are not the only ones who represent your company: your print materials do just the same. Our team ensures that your cards, invitations and roll-ups communicate your company’s values and message in a fresh, stylish and attractive way.

If you would like to rise to the top among all your competitors in the offline world as well, do not hesitate to contact us!