Online marketing & PPC

Why focus on your online marketing?

  • For achieving great results even with a tight budget.
  • For being able to accurately track and measure your results, as opposed to offline marketing tools.
  • For direct communication with your own specific audience, instead of shouting your brand’s message into the void.

Why hire an online marketing agency?

If you hire us to execute your online marketing, we build a strong double foundation: the unique needs and demands of your business make the first layer, our tried and trusted methods make the other. As an agency, we see the whole picture. Therefore, our aim is to provide you with a clearly constructed online marketing plan that takes you closer to your business goals each day.

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We offer the following online marketing services:

Market analysis

What are the scales of the market where your product or service needs to stand out? How fierce is the competition in your industry? How is your current online marketing activity performing? A market analysis answers all of these questions and more: that is why it is essential for creating a well—working strategy.

The service includes:

  • preparations and defining your needs,
  • research plan crafting,
  • qualitative and quantitative methods (interviews, focus groups, questionnaires),
  • secondary research – if required,
  • analysis of results,
  • SWOT analysis.

Why do we recommend it?

Such an analysis helps to position your product or service on the market and lets you make conclusions of your competitors’ activity.

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Strategy planning

Now that we exactly know your positions in the market and have a full analysis of your competitors, it is time to find your audience, set your goals to achieve and plan your activity on the ideal platforms for your business.

The service includes

  • defining your audience,
  • setting your online marketing goals,
  • choosing the online marketing platforms best for you,
  • creating platform-specific sub-strategies,
  • planning how to position your product or service,
  • creating a content calendar.

Why do we recommend it?

Strategy planning is a perfect starting point for building effective online marketing campaigns and social media strategies.

What do we need before starting it?

For creating a useful marketing strategy, we need to know your current position in the market as well as the activity of your competitors. They are crucial for us to see who are worth competing with and how we can make you stand out. Before requesting a strategy planning, we recommend you taking a look at our market analysis service.