Before you start, keep one thing in mind: editing cannot solve every problem!

Modern video editing softwares do help you achieve magical results – but only if you work with the right raw material. The very first step of successful video editing is high-quality, relevant raw material!

Tame that raw material!

There is no use of stressing about timing before the first cut is ready. Do not go so deep into the details of editing before you cut out every useless detail and select the ones that will fulfil a central role. After that, work on making that raw material visually prettier (for example, by correcting the colours).

Be dynamic but do not go hard on effects!

You have to make sure there is something interesting happening in each second of your video! When somebody is speaking, cut out seconds-long breaks, “err…”s and less relevant parts of sentences.  If you do so, you will not only gain a much clearer material but with the quick cuts you also invisibly keep the viewers’ attention.  Aim for creating an interesting visual world by video editing but do not use too many special effects unless you are making an action movie parody.

Stock videos?  Choose carefully!

Noticed a sentence that could use some illustration but nothing fits from your own material? Do not be afraid to search for stock videos online! But be careful: only use materials that fit in the concept and do not stand out from your brand’s image.

If you use music, do it legally!

Some dynamic, catchy music will definitely improve your video – do not skip it! However, keep in mind that choosing music is just as important in the process as any other steps, so take your time! It is also essential to only use legal music. If your favourite Elton John track does not fit in the budget, head to the royalty free section instead.

Do not forget the captions!

It is useful and appealing at the same time to mark key sentences and important words with some captions throughout video editing. For example, it is definitely worth captioning call-to-action words! You only have to pay attention to the colours and fonts: they also have to fit your brand image.

Feel like you are stuck in the labyrinth of video editing?

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