Photography and video production

Before making a purchase or a deal, we all prefer to see everything with our own eyes. Your audience is no exception – providing unique visual content is a cornerstone of authenticity.

How do we use visual elements to build you a more attractive website for a more successful business?

These are the 3 ingredients our team swears by:

  1. Keeping up with trends

No matter what kind of product or service you offer, nor the age group your audience belongs to, it is essential to be up to date with current visual trends. Do not be misled, our philosophy is the furthest away from “one size fits all”! We simply prioritize to provide you with material that is always fresh and relevant, while suiting your company’s style.

  1. Original content

Most people think it is no easy job standing out from today’s constant flow of photo and video content. Fortunately, they are wrong as there is one simple key to that: originality. What inspired you when you founded your business? What are the values you represent in the market? You might think these topics are boring – but they actually give a unique flavour to your brand and online presence. Your story makes people feel you are trustworthy and just like them.

  1. Top-notch tools

The reason we are in the middle of a social media revolution is that quality tech gadgets became widely available. These make it easier and easier for everyone to make good quality content. With that in mind, no company can afford to get behind. Our premium quality cameras, tools and studios (moving as well) offer infinite possibilities, all leading to equip you with professional visual content.

What are our photography and video production services?

Event photography and video production

Be it small or huge, strictly professional or light-hearted, our team always captures the best moments. Product showcase events and meetings are far more than interesting content on your website: they can serve as great materials for future advertising videos as well.

The service includes

  • ensuring the availability of the photographer or cameraman in the previously set time;
  • in the case of photography, we digitally enhance and/or finish a set number of pictures on the spot (that is especially useful at press events, where it is important to quickly issue the press release);
  • selection of raw material;
  • post-production, video cutting;
  • subtitling and finalizing videos;
  • if needed, managing copyright matters with background music.

Why do we recommend it?

Footages of meetings, conferences and professional events are always valuable material on a website. What is more, they can also serve as material for future video ads.

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Corporate and brand videos

Do not limit your introduction to words: show the world all that you have created! Corporate and brand videos inspire your viewers – they are perfect for carrying your message, telling your story and building trust.

The service includes

  •  writing the script;
  • shooting (timeframe: 2 to 3 hours including preparation);
  • post-production, cuts;
  • placing subtitles and infographics (if requested);
  • if needed, managing copyright matters of background music.

Why do we recommend it?

A good corporate or brand video equals a detailed in-person introduction! Sometimes it is even more – this way you are able to express messages in a unique way.

Video ads for any platform

A well-constructed video ad is a highly effective tool to bring out emotions from your audience and enable a deeper level of engagement with your product or service. Thanks to our technical background and creative experience, we make your marketing dreams come true.

The service includes

  • detailed discussion about the product or service;
  • defining the audience;
  • choosing the platform;
  • writing the script;
  • shooting (in-house, or in case of product videos, our own studio)
  • post-production, cuts;
  • placing subtitles and infographics (if requested);
  • if needed, managing copyright matters of background music.

Why do we recommend it?

Besides introducing the advantages of your product or service to your audience in detail, a video ad also makes them react, helping to raise brand awareness.

Product photography in our studio

We show everything your audience wants to see about your product! Our product photography service is especially recommended to those with plans in e-commerce – but they are just as useful if you simply showcase them on your website.

The service includes

  • discussion of the concept;
  • planning out the size;
  • choosing the location;
  • in case of fieldwork, setting up our portable studio;
  • selection of raw material;
  • post-production.

Why do we recommend it?

In the field of e-commerce, it is essential to have high quality photos in your online shop. This way your customers can get as close as possible to the experience of in-person browsing.

Logo animation

Animation videos and logos work perfectly in social media ads: they are entertaining, attractive and straightforward. They carry your message much more effectively than a text description or a simple photo.

The service includes

  • discussing the material (we can work with your current logo if you have one; if you do not, Herz Kreáció is more than happy to design you one);
  • discussing your wishes and demands;
  • animating the logo;
  • handing out the animation in multiple formats.

Why do we recommend it?

Logo animation is entertaining and attractive, so it’s a perfect material for social media ads. With a logo animation, you can emphasize your brand’s unique qualities.

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Drone videos

The view is always clearer from the sky – no wonder drone videos are more and more popular. With these spectacular videos the introduction of your business will surely catch your prospects’ eyes: a great way to stand out from your competitors.

The service includes

  • preliminary on-site visit;
  • shooting (subject to weather conditions);
  • managing the legal permissions;
  • handing out raw material;
  • if needed, managing copyright matters of background music.

Why do we recommend it?

If you think your spot is not really a visual treat, you definitely have not seen it from up there. Our drone videos let you show your sites, your team or your events from a unique point of view.