In this article, you can find 14 useful tips that are guaranteed to increase your sales efficacy.

1. The first step of creating a successful sales brochure: understand your clients

Before planning the design or writing the copy, you have to make sure you understand the demands of your clients.

Think a little bit about the following questions:

  • Why would they want to buy your product or service?
  • What can you offer them?
  • What problems does your product or service solve?

Do you find it hard to answer these questions? If so, do not be afraid to ask your customers! Their answers will be your most powerful tools when making your sales brochure.

brosúra készítés

2. Follow the guidelines of AIDA

AIDA is the short form of Attention, Interest, Desire and Action: these reactions are exactly what you want to achieve with your sales brochures. First, you need to get your potential clients to pay attention, then make them interested, make them feel the desire to get what you offer and make them act. This last one is crucial: do not forget to encourage to call, buy, go to your site or book an appointment.

3. Your building does not belong on the cover of your brochure

We are sure you have better ideas. It is okay to be proud of your building: who would not be? But it certainly will not make any customer pay attention, let alone being interested. Use your space wisely! Only include things that actually interest your audience.

What are those, you ask? A good old market research will surely help you find the answers.

However, there is an important exception: in the hospitality industry, you will have to make sure that your potential customers see what they will get.

4. Use pictures that induce an emotional response

With your sales brochure, you want the customer to get attached and engaged while also being as clear and professional as possible.

5. Focus on selling: storytelling can wait

Your (potential) clients care much more about their own lives and businesses than yours.

It may sound like a contradiction but corporate values and storytelling elements should be rather on the pictures than in the copy. Focus on the benefits that your product or service can offer.

6. Seize those 5 seconds with your headlines and graphics

It takes no more than 5 seconds for a reader to decide to proceed in reading or not. Make sure your headlines and graphics are the furthest away possible from being boring: your cover has to nonverbally shout “open me!”.

7. Keep the professional look

Even the most perfect copy needs a professional-looking design to be effective.

What to avoid when making your sales brochure?

  • confusing layouts
  • too small or too big font sizes
  • too many different font types
  • too many different tones and colours

8. Do not forget about benefits-oriented headlines

Did your prospect open the sales brochure? If so, you are halfway to success. The next thing they will do is reading the headlines inside. Use them well: if done right, they can effectively convince anyone to read the whole text.

brosúra készítés (dtp)

9. Make a list of your product’s benefits

Bullets points are great ways to keep your customers’ attention – use them to guide your reader to the next step of your sales process!

10. Make your sales brochure easily readable

Keep these in mind when designing your sales brochure:

  • Bright coloured letters on a white background and dark letters on a dark background are extremely hard to read.
  • Do not write texts that are too long, especially with a type that is too small!
  • Use your space: create blocks and headlines!

11. Lead your customers to the next step

Tell your audience how to get that fabulous product you have just told them about! The worst you can do is to expect that they will invest their time in researching your contact information. Do not be shy, drop that phone number, name that website, include that email address and openly encourage your readers to contact!

12. Make them hurry

Time is money, so it will not hurt to give a little urge. Convince your prospect to act NOW or they will simply forget about you in a second.

A few trusted call-to-action methods:

  • special offers that have a time limit
  • free gift if they buy before a given date
  • discounts on a given fate

13. Keep contacts simple

Do not make the reader search for your URL, your number or even the name of your company: they will not. Instead, let these important pieces of information be bright and bold in the brochure.

You can even include a QR code that takes people on a product page or a newsletter subscription form.

14. Take those doubts away

Do not let the customer worry about the safety of buying from you!

To avoid that, always include a money-back guarantee! This is one of the most important rules of making a sales brochure.

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