Building and managing the website of Kapcsok Foundation

The client’s request Creating a website that reflects the values of Kapcsok Foundation in an informative and easy-to-navigate way. Main points: We discussed with the client about the importance of creating a website that is not only user-friendly but search engine optimized as well With this in mind, our online marketing professionals and web developers […]

Building and managing the main page of

The client’s request To create a main page that is easy to navigate, fits into the brand’s previously designed visual identity and drives attention to product benefits and campaigns, promotions. Goals Together with the client, we defined the role of the main page. It was to effectively communicate the following three pieces of information: What […]

Campaigns (Zimbo)

The client’s request To create a complete graphic package for offline and online campaigns. Goals Creating consistent graphical elements for the campaigns Creating a look that is easily distinguishable from competitors Delivery We thoroughly discussed with the client about the message and audience We offered graphical solutions with special attention to each component of the […]

Out of home advertisements (billboards and posters for Praktiker)

The client’s request Creating an outdoor billboard that is attractive and reflects the brand’s message. Goals Outdoor advertising is a special segment: the streets are loaded with stimuli – in this absolute whirl, the challenge is to grab the attention in just a few seconds. A successful out of home advertisement is attractive and easy […]

Online graphical content (Cyberjump)

The client’s request Creating banners that are suitable for online advertisements and websites. Goals When creating graphical content, the client’s number one goal was visual communication. Delivery We thoroughly discussed with the client about the audience, the message, the colours, fonts and visual elements of their preference. We presented our ideas and prepared the banners […]

Visual identity design (Kapcsok)

The client’s request Creating the complete visual identity of a foundation that helps special needs children. Goals Creating an identity that reflects the activity of the Foundation Creating visual elements that are suitable for both online and offline communication Delivery We had a thorough discussion with the leadership team of Kapcsok After understanding their demands, […]