Product photography

The client’s request To produce quality videos of the product that parallel the experience of in-person shopping. Goals Taking photographs of the products: from multiple angles showing every detail with ideal lighting in a style that suits the website in the highest quality possible in a format that makes it useable for multiple types of […]

Animations for Praktiker

The client’s request To produce short animation videos that carry a positive message, for multiple occasions. Goals Realizing an ideal volume of reach and activity rate on social media platforms Taking the advantages of video content without the time-consuming process of shooting Breaking the static chain of social media posts, making the feed more visually […]

Event videos for Kapcsok Foundation

The client’s request To produce videos that work well on the Foundation’s social media platforms and website as well, representing the goals, atmosphere and results of each event. Goals Recording the event in a detailed way Showing the events of the day to the audience Producing a video that can be used for various purposes […]

Praktiker’s Storytelling series

The client’s request To produce a video series that tells the career stories of colleagues in an informal, authentic way. The videos were requested to be in a recognizable, consistent style while also reflecting the unique characteristics of each interviewee at the same time. Goals Supporting employer branding Providing easily consumable, unique video content that […]