The client’s request

To create a main page that is easy to navigate, fits into the brand’s previously designed visual identity and drives attention to product benefits and campaigns, promotions.


Together with the client, we defined the role of the main page. It was to effectively communicate the following three pieces of information:

  • What ZigZag does
  • What is the product and what are its benefits
  • What current promotions and new products are on the website

Besides user friendliness, it was also important to build a main page that is search engine optimized as well, containing all technical SEO elements that search engines analyse when ranking.


  • We thoroughly discussed the vision and demands with the client
  • We designed the proportions of each visual section that serve different purposes
  • We sorted out photographs
  • We designed the layout and discussed it with the client
  • After making the modifications requested, we finalized the design


A nice-looking main page that serves all requested purposes.