The client’s request

Providing search engine optimized articles that are entertaining and relevant to their products to encourage visitors to browse on the site and improve their position on the search engines’ result list.

Main points

  • Topics that align with social media posts
  • Providing regular SEO content
  • Writing interior design and lifestyle-themed articles


  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase average time spent on the website
  • Generate clickthrough to product-related subpages
  • Improve the website’s position on the most relevant search engines
  • Regularly monitoring and maintaining the website’s SEO value


  • We had a detailed discussion with the owner of ZigZag about the website’s previous metrics and his personal preferences
  • We created yearly and monthly calendars based on relevant and interesting topics
  • When planning the entries, we prioritized opportunities to place keywords
  • We regularly provide fun and engaging blog articles
  • We support the entries with social media posts and newsletters


  • Compared to the same period of the previous year, bounce rate has significantly decreased since the beginning of our contract
  • Average time spent on the website increased by 30%
  • The website is doing excellent regarding the number of organic visitors