The client’s request

To produce videos that work well on the Foundation’s social media platforms and website as well, representing the goals, atmosphere and results of each event.


  • Recording the event in a detailed way
  • Showing the events of the day to the audience
  • Producing a video that can be used for various purposes in the future


  • We thoroughly discussed the details of the events, the planned programme and the visual focus points with the clients
  • We created a strategy to record the programme’s most important and spectacular elements
  • Our crew was available throughout the whole time of the programme
  • We recorded a narration with the Foundation’s professional leader and secretary and made cutaway shots
  • We recorded spectacular drone videos at the venue, Győr
  • After sorting the raw material, we did post production work and provided legal music with proper copyrights


  • Few-minutes-long videos that capture the essence of the events
  • Videos that provide a look into the Foundation’s social activity