The client’s request

Creating and managing social media accounts that help keeping contact between beneficiary families and communicates the Foundation’s goals and results towards society.

Main points

  • Popularize the events of Kapcsok Foundation
  • Continuously present the activity of the Foundation
  • Social sensitization
  • Visually attractive content
  • Raising awareness of the ways to support the Foundation (e.g. donating 1% of taxes)


  • Creating social media platforms that communicate with the Foundation’s beneficiary community and society at the same time
  • Raising awareness of the importance of special needs children’s integrated education
  • Report the Foundation’s events and press appearances
  • Regular and structured content
  • Communicating shared goals and events of success
  • Advertising ways to support


  • We have thoroughly analysed the previous communication of Kapcsok Foundation, then discussed their experiences and demands
  • We created Facebook and Instagram accounts under the name of Kapcsok Alapítvány
  • We created a consistent and expressive visual image
  • We created a content calendar in which we prioritize the Foundation’s charity events, the feedback from beneficiaries and the reports about awareness raising events
  • We run a paid advertising campaign to encourage donating 1% of taxes
  • When creating the advertisement, we paid special attention to ensuring that the visual elements attract our target audience
  • We ensured that the advertisement reflects the identity of Kapcsok and serves the audience with clear instructions
  • When setting up the campaign, we focused on having the largest relevant reach possible


  • The number of followers on the Kapcsok Alapítvány Facebook page is exponentially growing