The client’s request

Creating and managing social media accounts that mainly serve internal communication purposes and encourage two-way communication with its informal style.

Main points

  • Serving an employer branding function
  • Direct and informal posts, emphasizing unity
  • Communicating vocational results and interesting everyday events
  • Visually attractive content
  • Supporting recruitment
  • Delivering planned and ad-hoc HR communication messages


  • Creating public platforms that complement internal communication
  • Attracting more followers
  • Effectively managing job advertisements


  • Creating a consistent communication style that addresses all employees, regardless of age and position
  • Sharing content on a regular and structured basis
  • Communicating events of success and shared goals
  • Raise awareness of internal activities and sharing results
  • Communicating CSR activities


  • We have thoroughly analysed the previous communication of Praktiker HR, then discussed their experiences and demands
  • We created Facebook and Instagram accounts for Praktiker HR, named “Praktiker Karrier”
  • With consistent use, we made the hashtag selected by our client (“#praktikercsalád”, meaning Praktiker family) a motto that holds HR branding value and emphasizes togetherness
  • We created a consistent tone of voice that we align with every time – it is equally suitable to address blue-collar workers and office employees
  • We created a complex content calendar structure that includes both serial contents and posts that relate to world days, celebrations and other events
  • We created multiple post series including the weekly celebration of jubilees and a video series titled #storytelling that is about the career path of the company’s leaders
  • Besides photo content, we also create original graphical content that reflect the account’s playful, informal style
  • We constantly communicate Praktiker’s CSR activity and excellence


  • The number of followers on the Praktiker Karrier Facebook page is exponentially growing
  • On Facebook, our posts reach 2280 users on average. The number of activities they induce on average is 270.
  • We receive a great volume of positive feedback from Praktiker’s employees