The client’s request

Running a search engine advertisement campaign that raises awareness of the Foundation among those preparing their tax declaration.

Main points

  • Providing a concise presentation of Kapcsok’s activity in the ad texts
  • Encouraging users to donate 1% of their tax
  • Running a campaign until the deadline of tax declaration


  • Generating more visitors for their website
  • Effective call-to-action wording that encourages the user to learn more and donate
  • Effective budgeting that maximises clicks without exceeding the amount planned to spend


  • We had a detailed discussion with the leadership team of Kapcsok about the foundation’s previous communication strategy and their personal preferences
  • As the campaign started prior to launching Kapcsok’s website, we created a temporary landing page
  • We carried out a keyword research to effectively set the campaign
  • Considering the competition of the keywords and our budget, we set the daily spending limit
  • We created standard and adaptive search advertisements
  • We constantly monitored the results and made corrections when needed