The client’s request

To produce a video series that tells the career stories of colleagues in an informal, authentic way. The videos were requested to be in a recognizable, consistent style while also reflecting the unique characteristics of each interviewee at the same time.


  • Supporting employer branding
  • Providing easily consumable, unique video content that reflect the values of Praktiker’s employer community
  • Authentically telling personal stories
  • Emphasizing the advantages of Praktiker’s career opportunities


  • We thoroughly discussed with the leadership of Praktiker HR about their demands
  • We wrote the script
  • We tailored the details to the previously set goals: the script remained flexible to give space to personal content
  • We planned out the visual layout
  • We shot the videos on the venues discussed
  • We did the cutting and post production work
  • We provided legal music with proper copyrights
  • Upon the client’s requests, we made modifications and finalized the material


  • 5-10 minutes long videos (on average) that reflect both Praktiker’s employer values and the personalities of the interviewees
  • Storytelling series is one of Praktiker’s most successful contents
  • The videos of the series generate 1000 user activities on average