The client’s request

To produce quality videos of the product that parallel the experience of in-person shopping.


Taking photographs of the products:

  • from multiple angles
  • showing every detail
  • with ideal lighting
  • in a style that suits the website
  • in the highest quality possible
  • in a format that makes it useable for multiple types of contents


  • We thoroughly discussed the concept with the client
  • We decided on the sizes
  • We agreed on the venue: we used both our own studio and a portable one
  • We took the photographs
  • We sorted out the raw material and discussed it with the client
  • We did the post-production work, made modifications (when required) and once approved by the client, we sent out the ready package of product photographs


  • Premium quality photographs of the brand’s products that are variable and widely useable besides direct e-commerce purposes (advertisement videos, display ads).