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Why is it worth focusing on social media as a business?

No matter what gender, age or interest defines your audience, they surely spend a lot of time browsing social media pages. The favourites might be different for each person though: some prefer Instagram, some prioritize LinkedIn and others spend hours on TikTok.

Being active on social media helps your audience get to know your brand on a deeper level and recognize it whenever they see it. On any platform, with any audience, social media is a wonderful opportunity to gain recognition and acquire new customers. What is more, you have the opportunity to encourage conversations between your customers. By using social media you are giving them a place to share their opinions and experiences while they can also ask questions about your product or service. Without even realizing, doing all this slowly but steadily builds a positive brand reputation.

What do we mean by “being active”?

Depending on your goals and on how well-known your brand is at the moment, we recommend a minimum of 2 attractive and engaging social media posts per week. However, we decide on the exact number and frequency of your posts with you, based on a thorough analysis.

What is the ideal social media image for you?

By now you know all the benefits of social media – but how will your brand fit in the picture? In order to really build a positive reputation, you have to consider a few aspects. What elements of your brand image make you stand out from your competitors? What makes your business special? We can help you find the answer and communicate it as a message through your visual and text content.

To make sure we grasp the concept of your brand image right, we have to get to know your audience. There are plenty of ways to communicate your message: we have to find the one that suits the wants of your audience the most. The one that is making them listen, the one that resonates with their emotions, the one that makes them act – this is the strategy that is going to attract the most potential customers.

How do we make it all work?

You can count on us in the following fields:

  • We do an analysis in which we discuss your position in the market while also evaluating the pros and cons of the marketing tools you are currently using.
  • We set approachable social media goals with you.
  • We help you find your social media audience.
  • We choose the platforms that suit your brand and audience the most.
  • We define your brand’s communication style and tone of voice.
  • We set up a Facebook page that perfectly aligns with your image.
  • We provide you with regular and consistent posts.
  • We help you create outstanding visual elements.
  • We create and set up your social media ads.
  • We constantly measure results and present them to you, to make sure we are going in the right direction.
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Analysis + setting your goals

Analysing your current social media activity is essential to set relevant goals that we can take steps towards.

The analysis includes

  • clarifying your brand’s message and defining your audience,
  • analysing the organic and paid results of your previous posts,
  • analysing the visual and text content of your previous posts and
  • analysing the activity of your competitors.

Already set your goals? We can still help reaching them by providing professional quality wording and visual content for your posts. In this case, our agency can fulfil the role of an advisor, helping you get the most out of your social media activity.

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Strategy planning and strategy execution

It takes four main things to plan a social media strategy:

  • your brand’s unique message,
  • the parameters of your audience,
  • the results of your current social media activity and
  • your goals.

If you have it all, we can plan the steps that will take your closer and closer to reaching your targets. However, if you miss one or two of the four things mentioned above, we recommend you start out with our Analysis + setting your goals service.

The reason is that we build your strategy based on the results of the analysis, namely

  • the characteristics of your followers and audience,
  • the content that worked best so far and the content your audience demands to see in context with your brand and
  • what your competitors do better and what we can learn from them to gain competitive advantage.
  • One of the core parts of strategy planning is creating a content calendar, in which we make content plans on a monthly basis.

Learn more about content calendars at Content planning.

Content planning

In order to properly execute your strategy, we precisely plan out your posts by creating a content calendar. The content calendar includes the topics of the posts, the time we schedule to share them and the social media platform they will appear at.

When choosing your ideal social media platforms, we pay close attention to your brand’s unique features, as well as the interests of your audience. Our professional team helps you develop and optimize your profile, in line with the strategy we previously set. We ensure providing content that aligns with your image and consistently using relevant hashtags.

We know that besides providing good content, using the right strategy to advertise and boost posts is also important – you can count on us. Before posting any content or launching any ad campaign, we always let you check them: we only make contents public after your approval.

Managing social media platforms and ads

We know the pros and cons of each social media platform, as well as the characteristics of their users. To achieve the highest reach possible, we customize your message to work well on each of these platforms.

Our dedicated creative copywriter team pays attention to producing texts, videos and pictures that encourage recognising your brand. Our goal is to create content that triggers emotions and makes them engage.

The core of successful paid social media campaigns is a well-working organic social media strategy. Provided you have the latter, it is well worth advertising on social media to raise brand awareness and transform your followers into active fans.

Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram make advertising for businesses easier than ever before.

With the help of Herz Kreáció, you can build campaigns that

  • target your potential customers,
  • have an interesting and attractive message,
  • resonate with the feelings of your audience and
  • activate them.

When planning out the campaign, we make recommendations on the content, length and budget of the ads – then after your approval, we manage and run them.

We monitor the campaigns several times a week and create reports. If needed, we change the settings, ensuring you make the most out of your budget.

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Statistical analysis

To ensure we are going in the right direction to reach your goals, we consistently have to track the results. Without statistical analysis it is impossible to decide if our activity is efficient, needs a bit of intervention or completely needs another strategy.

On a monthly basis, our agency makes a statistical analysis of the volume and quality of the results that our social media activity generated. Based on this, we make a report that will function as a starting point of future strategy.

When managing advertisement campaigns, we analyse the results multiple times a week to make reports. This way we can keep a close eye on your ads and fine-tune settings in order to make the most out of your budget.

Want to know more about your social media effectiveness? Feel free to contact us: with our analysis you can get a clear picture of your performance!