Strength in Facebook advertising

Due to the enormous supply on the market, businesses have to take advantage of all advertising options in order to introduce their products to potential customers.
Facebook is the largest social media website, which also operates as an advertising platform.

With its 2.5 billion users, you can be sure that you will find your target audience, regardless of what industry you work in.

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This platform has to most customisable interface, it analyses adverts, and creates a report on how well each of them performed. Based on this, you can change or modify your adverts in order to reach the most potential customers.

Let us list a few advantages why Facebook advertisements overshadow their competition:

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1. Segmentation

Every age group is represented on the website. Users can be categorised into groups based on their age, location, interests, family status, income, and shopping behaviour as well.
In addition, Facebook uses algorithms to ensure that people belonging to various categories each see content that is relevant to them. Therefore, it is able to find the people who are interested in products just like yours or maybe looking for it exactly.

This is why it is recommended to create content that grabs the attention of the users but its message also sticks in their heads. The most suitable solution for this purpose are videos. In order to avoid appearing pushy, we recommend the use of an ad frequency limit, which regulates how frequently members of your target audience will see your advertisement.

2. Social media marketing at a lower cost

Encourage your customers to rate your products and services as much as possible, since customer reviews are one of the main things future buyers look for on business websites.
Share your blog, publish useful and interesting information, tips, strategies, methods that you yourself use, which will help it generate more and more visitors by itself.
You can also use Messenger as an advertising platform, allowing you to obtain even more potential customers.

Let’s talk some more about the video advertisements of Facebook. Social Media Lab researched the costs associated with the various aspect ratios. As a result of their enquiry, the least expensive one was the portrait arrangement.

This means that if you wish to use this adverting platform but would also like to reduce costs, you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the website and select the 4:5 portrait aspect ratio.

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3. Customer service

You can use your business website as a customer service and customer liaison platform as well in order to be able to convey as much information regarding your product as possible in a quick and seamless manner.

The platform allows you to operate an automatic customer service with the help of chatbots. This allows you to save time and energy and spend them on customers who deserve special attention. This allows Facebook page management to be easier and smoother.

4. 2 in 1

When you share content on Facebook, you can share it on Instagram at the same time, since both operate as a whole, complementing each other. It is not necessary to create posts on two separate channels. It is enough to use the former and use the option that allows your posts to be displayed on the latter as well. However, this method is only recommended if your target audience is present on both platforms, otherwise it will lose its effectiveness.

To summarise, the most important thing is to rise above the other 7 million advertisers with an eye-catching message, image, video, or creative idea. Fortunately, Facebook will help you with this. With the help of its analytical system, you can monitor your currently active campaigns and advertisements. It provides you with analytics on how clicks each of your content generated and how much activity was observed. You can track the process and modify it if necessary.