Graphic design

Design is one of the most important components of your brand. Graphic elements greet our visitors and readers everywhere: on websites and social media platforms, in newsletters, as well as on sales promotion tools and printed materials. The aim is to make sure that people experience positive emotions when they see them and immediately associate them with your company. A unified and conscious design conveys the appropriate message and has a strong subconscious effect on your target audience as well.

grafikai tervezés

Our team of professionals helps you create a design that matches you perfectly. We analyse the starting position and procure concepts within the framework of a joint brainstorming session. If you do not have any ideas, that is not an issue either—we also provide business consulting alongside a nice cup of coffee. Our work is based on the development of a business plan and we can request insight from a business analyst as well if required. In all cases, we develop personalised solutions that build on each other so that in the end, it will be 100% you.

Brand identity design

Your brand identity is the collection of graphical elements associated with your company, which can affect customers positively but negatively as well. It is important that your brand has a unified design; the colours and shapes should all match and have to be in line with your philosophy and mission. We can help you develop a creative, marketable, easily-distinguishable brand identity but we accept redesign projects as well.


A logo is a message. It is a symbol that has a strong effect even in itself. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, as the saying goes. People are exceptionally receptive of visual content—a single glance is enough to send thousands of thoughts rushing through their mind. One of our distinguished services is company logo design and implementation. We help to put your message into words and then transform it into visual art. Your logo will be just like your fingerprint; genuinely yours.

Business cards

Your business card says a lot about you. When you meet someone and casually hand them a piece of paper with your name and contact details, you are actually sending a message about yourself. Reliability, quality, uniqueness – these are the traits your message will include if you trust us with developing your business card. We can also ensure that all digital and physical components of your brand, such as envelopes, stamps, and e-mail signatures, are all coordinated with each other.

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Web design

Your website is one of your most important communication channels. It makes it possible to reach your target audience, as well as to present your products and services. You may find it hard to believe but your visitors form an opinion on whether to trust you or click the “Back” button within seconds. The appearance, structure and design of your website play a huge role in this. We create a user-friendly website for you, which offers an aesthetically-pleasing sight and has a logical structure and responsive design. Our services include the preparation of and sending out newsletters as well, so we are happy to be of assistance in this matter as well.

Social media

Social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, are becoming ever more popular. As an entrepreneur, you have to be present on these platforms in order to grab and maintain your target audience’s attention. We help you ensure that your communication via social media platforms is effective with the help of uniform content that is appropriate for your company. In addition to social media management, we can provide assistance in the creation of Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads advertisements as well.

Sales promotions

The aim of sales promotion tools is to generate revenue. This can be a poster, a floor sticker, a wobbler, roll-up, or other advertising medium as long as it grabs people’s attention and encourages them to buy. Our team offers creative solutions that leave a positive impression on your target audience and thus motivate them to buy your products. We continuously keep up to date with the latest changes and we use methods that work well even in the high-noise environment of 21st century advertising.


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