Brand identity design

Our aim is to have people know about us and remember us. This is why the visuals must grab the attention of our potential customers or those interested in our services. It is important that our brand has a unified design; the colours and shapes should all harmonise with each other and have to be in line with our mission. One of the most important component of brand identity is the logo, which is able to identify our company at a single glance.


The first impression

You do not have to be an expert on marketing psychology to realise that we need to grab people’s attention to be successful. However, it is a lesser-known psychological fact that consumers make a decision regarding practically all important purchases within the blink of an eye. Our potential customers form an opinion on us, our products, and our service within seconds. Their opinion is thus based on the first impression most of the time. Our partners first come into contact with the image of our company whether they are encountering us on a website, on social media, in a newsletter or in the form of online advertisements or printed leaflets. Just like in the case of a personal meeting, making a good first impression is essential in business as well. A sympathetic, well-communicated, and consciously-designed image conveys the appropriate message and has a strong subconscious effect on your target audience as well.

What is a good logo like – 3 key points

A logo is custom symbol of a company, business, or organisation. It immediately identifies the service or product and speaks to the target audience. It might be text, graphics, or a combination of both; if it is smart and original, it is going to be important in supporting the success of our mission.

The logo is present everywhere in the life of our company: in e-mails, websites, on products, roll-ups, and on the door to our office. A logo is like the “face” of our company or its personal fingerprint. In order to ensure that our logo fulfils its purpose, it is important to consider the following three key points: simplicity, longevity, and versatility.


One way to know a good logo is to ask whether people recognise it quickly and immediately associate it with the business, its mission, and philosophy. A simple graphic symbol can make the logo easier to remember and more memorable. We can use graphics in combination with the name of the company or brand as well. In such cases, it is important to use a unique font that sets us apart from our competitors. Whether we settle on a graphical component, a font, or a colour to act as the identifying feature of our brand, it is important not to only think about what we like. We have to take into account the effect that the selected symbol or colour has on people and what meaning they carry. For example, red is full of energy, blue suggests reliability, green calms us; straight lines, squares, and tringles imply strength and stability, while circles and ovals symbolise wholeness and unity.


The brand designs of the most reliable and successful companies do not change as quickly as fashion trends. Just think of any large brand like Apple, Nike, or any car manufacturer. A good logo is timeless so that it will convey the same message 5, 10, and even 20 years from now. Because of this, it is worth think carefully about what the message or mission is that we are trying to express with our logo.


Since our logo will appear everywhere, one of its important features that it shows up well on all surfaces where we want to use it: on websites, packaging, gift items, business cards, posters, etc. Therefore, logos should be designed as vector images so that they can be scaled up or down without loss in quality and to make sure that they still remain recognisable in various environments and colours.

Logo design

Today, we have access to many online tools and logo designer applications that allow us to try our hand at designing the brand identity of our company ourselves. Many online options include free or paid additional options. The majority of these logo design websites offer several logo variations after answering a few questions about our company and our tastes. These can all be helpful when designing our logo. They can serve as useful inspiration. In addition, these serve as cost- and time-efficient solutions. However, we should keep in mind that all of these logo generators work using templates and no matter how advanced technology is today, if our aim is to develop a unique identity that matches our mission and our target audience, it is worth hiring experts to design our logo after compiling a well-thought-out mission statement.