Online marketing

If you exercise your profession with passion, have an excellent product or unique service, online marketing is the tool that will truly help you achieve your goals. Are you looking to gain a wider readership or more buyers? You no longer have to stumble around in the dark in order to achieve these.

online marketing

Who, what, where, when and how?

Marketing strategy and marketing planning are distinguished and regularly-performed activities in the lives of every successful company and entrepreneur. A good idea is not enough if we cannot present it in a form and at a place and time that is appropriate.

We will help you discover what your buyers and customers are looking for; whether we are talking about online or offline platforms, we will find the right tools to make sure your dreams come true with the help of professionals. We will cooperate with you in the development of your comprehensive marketing strategy, in order to provide you with a uniform, professional and productive end result.

Rev up your online traffic

A tasteful, visually pleasing, user-friendly website will only get you half of the way, you also have to fill it with valuable content. As the first step of website analytics, we map out your goals together and identify the issues that currently hinder progress.

During the analysis we will discover:

  • Why are fewer visitors coming to your website?
  • How could we make it more appealing so they will spend more time on it?
  • How well is it performing in search engines?
  • Is it easy to navigate the website? How fast and responsive is it?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) – we will help you stand out

Effective search engine optimisation comes hand in hand with website analytics. High quality content is an essential feature of your website that will make sure that it is listed higher on search result pages.

SEO is more than just using the right search words. Only those, who always adapts to change can win out in today’s enormous competition. We know the tricks that will bring you better results and higher traffic in the future.

Would you like to know more about search engine optimisation? Visit our search engine optimisation (SEO) dictionary.

keresőoptimalizálás (SEO)

Targeted, effective, productive

Would you like to appear on the prestigious first page of Google search results (SERP)?

With Google Ads, you can achieve significant improvement with the smallest investment.

In ensuring a higher click-through rate, appropriate targeting and conversion analysis play a role just as important as the well-thought-out text, image, and video content that you would like to publish on YouTube, in mobile apps or a news webpage. Google Ads is a tool in your hand that offers the possibility of a real break-through.

Small investment, high returns? It is possible!

It is no wonder that the popularity of the so-called PPC advertising format is still enjoying unbroken popularity. The so-called Pay Per Click system allows precise targeting, which means that you only pay when those interested click on your adverts.

We can obtain clearly measurable results when using and managing Pay Per Click advertisements, we can start taking advantage of them quickly and even with a small budget, and our campaign can be optimised in a flexible manner.

We are familiar with the platforms of Facebook, Instagram, and Google as well but LinkedIn might also be a platform where you will find potential customers.