Photography and Filming

As an entrepreneur, it is extremely important how you present your products and services to the world. It matters whether your photos and videos are visually pleasing and their quality is as high as people expect.

We continuously monitor international trends and apply the latest techniques. We make the materials created during the shootings tailored to your needs.

Our portfolio includes filming and video shooting, the creation of slideshows and animated movies, photoshoots, product photography, and the filming with drones as well.


We are young and creative thinkers who aim to achieve the absolute best. We find the right tools and methods that allow us to obtain the expected end results in every single project. We pack up our mobile studio and shoot on location but we create professional materials in-house as well. We edit and retouch photos and videos to make sure that they are exactly as you imagined them.

Event photography and filming

In business life, significant events can come up any time—meetings with customers or partners, product launches, incentive programmes, etc. It pays to capture these events on photos or video so that you can later use these for promotional purposes. Our team is at your disposal with professional equipment to create materials that fit your portfolio perfectly.

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Creating company introduction videos

Company introduction videos effectively support printed and digital content and reinforce the image formed in the mind of the target audience about the company. Based on statistics, nearly 89% of enterprises have incorporated this form of communication into their marketing strategy; this is why it is important that you have your own high-quality company introduction video that matches your brand identity. We can help you achieve this goal too.

Creating advertising videos

Advertising videos help you present your products, services, and events in a spectacular manner. These materials can help you develop a much deeper and much more personal bond with people. During the shooting of advertising videos, we work with unique techniques aim to ensure that the footage recorded delivers the desired message. We put stories on the screen that evoke the right emotions and thoughts in the viewers.

Creating animated movies and logos

Animated movies are ever so popular. People are especially receptive of the visual experience of moving images; in many cases, they understand the message easier and faster compared to pictures or text. The materials created using animation work well in seasonal campaigns, on social media platforms and even as part of Google Ads campaigns. You can order animated movies and logos from us as well.



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