Facebook hirdetés

The unique audience of Facebook can be divided into the following 5 categories:

  • Client list: pairs the client list of the business with the Facebook accounts of clients
  • Website traffic: targeting the people who visited your website or performed some kind of activity
  • Application activity: allows you to create a list of people who launched your application or performed some kind of operation
  • Offline activity: creates a list of people who performed some kind of activity that can be tied to your business (in-store, via mobile phones or online)
  • Activity: a list of people who show activity on Facebook or Instagram

Quality is more important than quantity

Relevance score. What does it mean? It aggregates various factors into a single metric that expresses how relevant your adverts are to the members of your target audience compared to other adverts targeting the same audience. Relevance score is important because it defines the price per click of Facebook advertisements as well as how often the social media platform will display your advert.
The custom audience is generally restricted, since you have to create your own list as a first step before reaching out to users.
However, an active audience consisting of a 100 people can get your business much further than 1000 people who do not care about your product or service.

Facebook Business will help you

This is a tool, one of the services of which allows you to combine all custom-built audiences into one. This gives you information about any overlapping between your followers, website visitors, and those subscribed to your newsletters. You can obtain even more useful information if you are running multiple advertising campaigns. You can compare the two lists and see if you find a lot of overlapping, which is not useful, since they are going to compete against each other.

Manual or layered targeting

This remarketing tool comes in 3 different types:

  • based on behaviour: groups users based on shopping behaviour, intentions, device usage
  • based on interests: you can target users by identifying their interests, activities, and the websites they like, as well as the topics related to these
  • based on demographics: grouping based on location, age, gender, language, and relationship status

Facebook marketing

In this case, the CPA is probably going to be somewhat higher compared to advertising to a custom audience; however, if performed correctly, layered targeting can be an effective method.

Managing a Facebook page is easier than it first looks, all you need is a bit of practice. However, it is not guaranteed to work as you intended right away. If you would like to promote your business but you ran into some difficulties, you are welcome to contact Herz Kreáció. Our colleagues will be happy to help.