Social media marketing is an ever-changing world that is also the most advanced advertising platform today; therefore, it is not worth staying away from it, rather we should keep an eye on the current trends. The marketing activity of Facebook is widely known since even those who are present on the platform as users come across advertisements every day.

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The 5 (+1) pillars of advertising on Facebook

1. Choose your target audience

It is especially important that you get your message to people to whom it is relevant.

First you should only target smaller circles, which you can expand or modify if necessary. You should specify exactly who you are trying to reach—age is not enough in itself. For example, the following might be the target group of a bicycle advert: a health-conscious adult who pays attention not only their own health but to the health of others and the environment as well.

2. Create interesting, eye-catching advertisements that are different from the rest

Share information about your product or service that elevates it above the competition. Show people why yours is better than all others, what is the special characteristic why people should choose you over your competitors.

Offer a solution to “problems”. Staying with our bicycle advertisement example, we could point out that our machine is very low-weight, it is easy to carry it up even to the fourth floor. Or if there is no room in the garage, it can be hanged from a wall-mounted rack.

3. Put a short video or eye-catching images into your advertisement

Share images that contain interesting information; tell the story in the form pictures or a video.

It can be surprising or funny too, which will have an even greater effect and get people to talk about you even more.

You can also use so-called carousel ads. This means a post that highlights the characteristics of a product with the help of multiple images arranged next to each other. We can create a large panorama image as well, which makes the message even more unique.

4. Storytelling

Tell a story! Our world is comprised entirely of stories. When meeting a new person, you begin revealing important milestones of your life. Why couldn’t this be the same when a customer is introduced to an as-yet-unknown product?

Tell the story of the product or publish the opinion of a satisfied customer. Ask them for a detailed account of how the purchased consumer item helped them in their everyday life. Maybe tell the story of how it is manufactured. The advertisement itself can also be a story; the more creative your wording, the more attention it will receive.

5. Call to action

Create polls, engage your followers. The more interactions there are on the website, the more interesting it is and the more people it will reach.

Present the advantages of newsletters to your customers, ask them to subscribe and you give them a voucher or free shipping on their first purchase in return.

Lead them through your advert to your website or registration interface with the help of a link. The important thing is that you don’t let go of your customer’s hand. Show them step by step why they should choose the product or service you offer.

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+1 Track your advertisements

Not all adverting methods can be measured but Facebook advertisements can be. One of the most important parts is how many potential customers you reached with it. It is worth experimenting to see how effective each messages is. Were there more clicks when you posted a video ad or were the clever pictures more successful?

One of the most important pieces of information for you is whether the advert achieved conversion, that is if people bought one of your products or ordered a service after clicking on the ad.

In the case of a Facebook page, do not delete it no matter how much negative feedback you receive. Always try to offer solutions that show you in a positive light. Many make use of the option to delete posts. You shouldn’t do it however, it just leads to more disappointment. If you console the customer with a kind gesture, you have immediately remedied the issue.

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